Brookline Booksmith, March 25, 2014
Brookline Booksmith, March 25, 2014

Praise for Lasting Words:

“Lasting Words is a gift to all people facing the end of life, their loved ones and those that care for them. Whether dying, or accompanying those who are dying, this book is a simple, practical guide to a very profound journey. I strongly recommend this for patients, families, and professional caregivers”. —Christina Puchalski, M.D. M.S., Director and professor, George Washington Institute for Spirituality and Health

“Lasting Words is a gem. I mentioned it to an Episcopal priest friend and she immediately jumped on the title, how compelling it is. I told her to jump on the book! Claire has really done a beautiful job of guiding the reader through the writing and living and dying process — so attuned, sensitive, and hopeful. It deserves to become a classic in the field, for it is a precious addition to the death/dying and creativity worlds. Not only is it wise, but it is beautifully produced — a book to give as a gift — with memorable poems and photographs.”  —Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle

“There are a few million books on sale on Amazon, but it’s hard to think of a book more important or meaningful than this one…This book is a clear-eyed celebration of life, for those who need it and can appreciate it the most.” —Chip

” “Lasting Words” is is a valuable guide to each one of us seeking deeper meaning to our lives, no matter where we think we are on the continuum of life and death.” —Connie

Readers feedback at the book launch party on March 25th.

“My good friend…brought me an inspirational book called Lasting Words and said that the author was speaking at our own Brookline Booksmith…I walked over…joining …an overflowing room of people who were even seated on the floor and crowding all of the steps leading upstairs, who wanted to hear Claire’s wisdom and take her advice about leaving our mark here on earth. I was very moved.” —E.D.

“Claire is warm, quick, gentle, sensitive, damn smart and funny. Her book is a precious gem.” 

“I was expecting something depressing but it was just the opposite… very uplifting.” —Norma

“When my dad died, it is the first time I have really struggled with loss.  We had a very close relationship after my mother died, and I miss him terribly.  One thing you said last night really was helpful—we carry people differently after we lose them; they are not gone. Hopefully as time passes, I will be able carry him with me and not miss him so much.” —Stevie

“Congratulations on your wonderful book.  It is indeed, as reviewers have written, simple and profound.  I read it in the kindle edition and have now bought it in paperback as well.  I want to look at it and feel it. ” —Kaethe

“There were 3 key points that have stuck with me:  1) take time to be grateful everyday by reviewing the day and writing down what they are, 2) whatever your mind rests on, it assumes that shape (and a validation of what I say when I turn off a violent show on TV) and 3) your children have little interest in your life until after you die.” —Margie